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Wuhan General Designs and Manufactures

Wuhan General designs and manufactures industrial blowers and steam and water turbines.Industrial blowers are used to move large amounts of air in applications such as power generation, coal mining, sewage treatment, subway system ventilation, and the production of products such as steel, chemicals, and paper. Relative to power generation and the manufacture of industrial products, blowers are often used both to feed air into the process and also as part of the air pollution control system that cleans air emitted from the process.

Steam and water turbines are used to generate electricity. Our steam turbines can be used in various types of power generation facilities including those that consume coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear fuel. Our steam turbines are also often used in cogeneration facilities in which excess heat and steam generated from the manufacturer of industrial products (metal, chemical, petroleum, paper, etc.) is converted into electricity. Water turbines are used to generate electricity from at hydroelectric stations.

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